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Presenting the World Premier of 

What Comes Next, or Meet the Dunnes by Laurence Klavan

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Written by Laurence Klavan
Directed by Martin Blank
Producer: Lisa Hodsoll
Executive Producer: Steve Lebens


Belle, Actress, Moira: Lisa Hodsoll
Kleiner, Beau, Little Timmy: Michael Replogle
Doctor, Actor, Usher, Pop-pop: Slice Hicks
Etta, Kukla, Girly: Crystal Swann
Guy: Steve Lebens

Sound Design by John D. LoftonIV
Music composed by Gerald FitzGerald
Graphic design by Pat Perry-Burgess

Additional Sound Effects provided by Freesound.org using the CC0 license

Introduction Music “Then There Was Jazz” composed by Johnny Hawksworth licensed through DeWolfe Music Ltd.
Intermission Music “Hey Mister Blow That Thing” composed by Johnny Hawksworth licensed through DeWolfe Music Ltd.
Credit Music “Rainbow Rambler” composed by Richard Chorzelski licensed through DeWolfe Music Ltd.

Written By

Laurence Klavan

Directed By

Martin Blank


Lisa M. Hodsoll

Steve Lebens

Slice Hicks

Michael Replogle

Crystal D. Swann

Sound Designer

John D. Lofton IV


Ger FitzGerald

We would have preferred to debut What Comes Nest on stage.  But times being what they are, that wasn’t possible.  So, in the spirit of the classic style of 20th Century radio drama, we worked with Mr. Klavan to adapt his comedy for a listening audience.  We invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy this light-hearted exploration of the existence that may await us after we die.